🎹 Musical Bubble Game

This is a relaxing bubble game that makes a mallet sound 🎵 each time you take out a bubble. If you take out many bubbles, it will combine into a melody 🎶. The melodies are editable in melody editor.

This bubble game has:

  • 🍀-Beautiful realtime 2D light effect & particle effect.
  • 🍀-8 relaxing piano songs.
  • 🍀-Editable melody sound effect.
  • 🍀-3000 different stages.
  • 🍀-3 types of super bubbles that might help you clear difficult stages.

Here is where you can buy this game.

🌐 Buy in itch.io store(coming soon)

You can also try the demo version in google play before you decide to buy.

🌐 Go to google play store(coming soon)